FLWRS – Matt McNeal: Money Makin Matt Talks Makin Talent Money

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Welcome back to our enlightening blog series, where we unravel the world of music and the masterminds behind its rhythm. In today’s post, we’re excited to bring you an exclusive Q&A with J Hatch and Matt McNeal professional known as Money Makin Matt – a renowned visionary in the realm of music publishing and producer management.

Money Makin Matt

Early Beginnings: Money Makin Matt’s Entry into Music

Embarking on a musical odyssey, Matt’s story is a beacon of inspiration. We ran into Matt around 2008-2009 while he was managing Jimi Kendrix, in the pulsating heart of New York City at the legendary nightclub Don Hills. Known for his adaptability, Matt has seamlessly transitioned through various roles – from managing talents like Jimmy to mastering the intricacies of publishing and A&R.

Artist Management: Shaping Careers in Music

Presently, Matt is the driving force behind some of the most acclaimed producers in the industry. He oversees artists like Grammy Award Winning Producer Cardiak, who collaborates with icons such as Her, Kanye, and Lloyd Banks. Moreover, he manages Denaun Porter, previously Eminem’s hype man, now a revered producer for stars like 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Dre, and Kendrick Lamar. Additionally, Matt is the esteemed Vice President of A&R at Warner Records.

The Rise to A&R Leadership at Warner Records

The conversation delved into the roots of Matt’s musical passion, ignited by his family’s involvement in the industry. From an uncle who produced for legends like Coolio and Tupac to cousins at Warner Chapel and running an independent label, music runs deep in his veins. However, Matt’s journey has been marked by challenges – from being expelled from college to his formative years at SAE recording school and early experiences at the Boom Boom Room, owned by Will Smith. Matt’s ascent in the industry is a tale of unwavering dedication and perseverance.

A pivotal moment in Matt’s career was his appointment as a publisher at Universal at just 24. His journey through Universal, Pulse, and now Warner, underscores his exceptional talent and commitment. He has been instrumental in J Cole’s Dreamville projects, managing artists and overseeing album production. Matt shared insights into his multifaceted roles, admitting that balancing them is demanding. Key to his success is prioritizing tasks and sustaining a 24/7 management approach. In Matt’s words, the music industry is relentless – a blend of meeting deadlines and recognizing that some goals can’t be achieved overnight.

A captivating segment of our discussion centered on industry relationships. Matt stresses the significance of decency and integrity. His philosophy revolves around mutual respect, acknowledging errors, and appreciating every connection’s worth. Matt also illuminated the concept of relationships as currency in music. He recounted an experience with Dr. Dre, underscoring the value of nurturing genuine connections over time, rather than expecting immediate favors.

Our Q&A with Money Makin Matt peeled back the curtain on the music industry, showcasing the dedication, resilience, and interpersonal relationships that fuel its dynamics. Keep an eye on our blog for more exclusive stories and insights from the trailblazers of the music world! 🎢🌟

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